Green High Farms

It is an Egyptian company established in 1990 and it is specialized in the field of agricultural requirements such as pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, irrigation tools and nursery supplies. In a short period of time, the company was able to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector and overcoming obstacles and difficulties that stand in its way, in order to reach the best results through obtaining On the highest possible production quantities from the unit of area, and combating agricultural pests that lead to loss or reduction in production, as we provide the best high-quality agricultural requirements and raise the level of agricultural awareness and education among the Egyptian farmer through the transfer of knowledge and scientific experience to the Egyptian farmer, through A selected group of qualified agricultural engineers spread throughout the Republic, and always strive to keep pace with technological development by providing the best modern agricultural requirements to provide the best agricultural products at the level of the Republic


Providing vehicles that provide the best solutions to agricultural problems and raising the efficiency of agricultural crops in general under the supervision of the company's research and development department and cooperation with major international companies to achieve the same goal.

The Message:

Excellence and professionalism in providing the most effective and safe agricultural pesticides and fertilizers on human health with the highest quality for the Egyptian agricultural market, the Middle East and Africa.